Rack e armadi integrati Knürr

Rack, Contenitori e Armadi.

Una gamma di sistemi rack, contenitori ed armadi estremamente versatile ed adatta a molteplici scopi.

Knürr Miracel®– 19" Network Rack
The platform technology provides the basis for a versatile range of racks, which has been setting standards in the network technology as the solution for the most diverse requirements.
Knürr Miracel®– 19" Server Rack
This rack system is extremely light and immensely stable at the same time. 
82 per cent of the footprint is available for components and cabling routing. 
83 per cent perforation on the doors also enables optimum airflow.
The Knürr Smaract® CompactRack is a proven-in-practice LAN rack that meets all requirements with decentralized networking in the company.
The Knürr DoubleProRack® embodies a complete 19" enclosure range, from the Desktop Enclosure with 6 U through to the Compact Rack with 24 U.
Unpack the Knürr ConAct® – and start with the network installation within minutes.


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